Himalaya Aloha Bag And Knitting Rope Himalaya Aloha 126-12 Knitting Yarn HA10642

Himalaya Aloha 126-12 Knitting Yarn

Himalaya Aloha Bag and Blouse Knitting Yarn

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While fashion trends change constantly in the world of fashion, handmade products have a lasting appeal. Knitted bags and blouses, created through the art of knitting, not only allow individuals to express their personal style but also provide a sense of warmth and uniqueness. In this regard, the combination of Himalaya Aloha Bag and blouse knitting yarn offers a wonderful blend that exudes elegance and individuality.

The Himalaya Aloha Bag stands out with its practicality and captivating design. With its spacious interior, it allows for convenient storage of daily essentials while offering a range of color options to match different styles. This bag can serve as a practical accessory for travel, shopping, or everyday use, as well as a stylish complement for special occasions.

The blouse knitting yarn is an ideal choice to perfectly complement your bag. Produced with the quality assurance of the Himalaya brand, this knitting yarn boasts a soft and durable structure. It comes in various color options and enables the creation of different patterns. Whether you are knitting a cardigan, shawl, or sweater, the blouse knitting yarn allows you to unleash your creativity and craft unique pieces.

The combination of the Himalaya Aloha Bag and blouse knitting yarn is a perfect choice for both knitting enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals. With this combination, you can not only own a stylish bag but also showcase your creativity by crafting original knitted items.

In summary, the combination of the Himalaya Aloha Bag and blouse knitting yarn represents a perfect fusion of elegance and creativity. This combination is an excellent choice for those interested in knitting as a hobby and for fashion enthusiasts alike. By embracing this combination, you can enjoy the benefits of both carrying a chic bag and creating one-of-a-kind knitted pieces with your own hands.


Blend (Raw Material): 100% Micro Polyester

Ball Weight: 50gr

Label Quantity: 46mt-50yards

Crochet number: 6mm-US J10

Skewer Number: 8mm-US11

Loop Information: Needle: 12 rows of 13 loops for 10x10cm size. Crochet: 12 rows of 13 stitches for a size of 10x10 cm.

Yarn Thickness: 6 Super Bulky

Usage Season: Spring-Summer

Where It Can Be Used: Blouse, cardigan, bag, vest, dress etc...

Product Content: Polyester blend yarns

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