What is Cash on Delivery?

Consumers who choose to pay at the door do not make any payment transactions over the internet. The courier company collects the cost of the product on behalf of the company during the courier delivery. In other words, the consumer makes the payment to the employee who delivered the cargo while receiving the cargo. Consumers who do not want and do not trust online shopping can shop online through this system.

We would like to remind you of a misunderstood issue in cash on delivery shopping. Pay-at-the-door shopping does not work with the logic of "I don't like it, take it back, I don't buy it, I give up." If the ordered product and the product delivered to you are the same, it is a must to receive the orders.

What Happens If I Don't Receive Payment At The Door?

We reserve the right to use our cash on delivery service for each of our customers. For this reason, we receive SMS and phone confirmation from our cash on delivery customers. When the customer refuses to pay at the door, we file a lawsuit for material and moral damages through our lawyers on issues such as causing damage to the merchant, damaging the shopping, and above all, we experience a loss of trust in our customers.

* ATTENTION: It is obligatory to receive the products purchased with payment at the door. Undelivered products cannot be returned. Packages that are not received but returned are kept by the company to be sent back to the customer by adding the shipping cost. Likewise, if the product is not received, the sales contract, phone call records for approval, and the address declared by the buyer, the computer location address (IP / MAC ADDRESS) used during the order, as evidence; Due to abuse of payment at the door, unnecessary use of supplier, cargo, and packaging officer and slowing down the workforce; legal action is initiated for the compensation of cargo costs and all operating costs by legal means. The buyer officially declares that he will pay in advance to the owners of the website www.askinhobi.com for at least forty (40) and at most ninety (90) times the invoice amount, including the cargo, for every good that he bought at the door and damaged the company by not taking delivery.

Things to Consider When Ordering Pay at the Door:

   1- The address must be clear and known. It is not sent to the cargo branch with payment at the door.

   2- New orders of our customers who have an order in process or in cargo will not be processed. After the first orders are received, they can call our customer service and have their new orders approved.

   3- There is no obligation to process an order with payment at the door, nor can it be held responsible.

   4- The orders of those who write in the order note as urgent, come quickly or I will not receive will not be processed. (Our company is obliged to send the order in a short time. Our company cannot be held directly responsible for delays due to cargo or other reasons).

   5- Orders placed consecutively at different amounts and at different times will not be processed and the order will be cancelled.


Persons who do not receive payment at the door orders will be added to the black list and the next order will not be processed. Persons who do not receive their package arbitrarily are subject to legal examination. Persons who do not receive the package due to their own responsibilities are obliged to pay the financial part. Those who place the order are considered liable to receive the package.


Customers who order from www.askinhobi.com are deemed to have accepted the Cash on Delivery Agreement.

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