1 items you purchase / products that we have negotiated with the courier company will be delivered by I guarantee you. Product you buy will be notified to you with a confirmation e-mail.

2-Delivery times from the date you pay for existing products by providing the same business day products are not available in the company in 3 business days and shipping is done in Amasa.
3-stock units are located on our website and our company suppliers shows the stock. Products have on our site to appear or suppliers to pay for problems that may occur as a result of being out of stock return your charge card is made with a credit card, if your account has been done with the account transfer will be made within 3 business days.
Shipping fee for purchases made from belongs to the customer. Shipping costs vary depending on the amount and size of the product you have received.
5-item that you received when delivering cargo to open and check the package in front of the authority. If you send back the product is incorrect or if there is any damage to the product shipping companies couching product. After delivery, you agree that fully met the task of shipping companies.

6-Cayman that you want to return using the right product / products belong to the customer shipping fee. To us must be given to the information before returning the product
7-The customer is obliged to return the product as delivered to him. In case of refund to the customer's products or shopping from the withdrawal of the returned product from the moment it reaches no later than ten (10) days will be refunded the product cost. Shipping costs of the customer.
8 - each product is guaranteed by the manufacturers and importers.

9-you have obtained without opening the product package - without destroying - without breaking - from the delivery date using the product that is sent in together within seven 7 days of precious paperwork with dispatch, you can return it to the shape you receive bills, etc.

10-Item description of the requested change in circumstances resulting from not read good, shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.

The shipping fee will be paid by us resulting from the 11-incorrect or incomplete product submissions.

12-pack that you think is damaged during delivery, the company open and check before you receive authority. If products do not receive any damage or missing items if the shipping company to report tuttururarak product. Please note that the shipping company after delivery of the product to fulfill the task that you have acknowledged that the full.

13-Item and in any opening in the packing, distortion and fracture, destroy, tear, missing items, etc. use In cases where the condition is detected and will not be returned in the condition in case of failure to return the product at the time the product was delivered to the customer and will not refund the cost. Packaging is opened, used, destroyed and so on. We can not accept return of the product shape.

14-in rebate with a credit card at the door will be paid with respect to amounts, unless otherwise provided in the agreement, the payment period determined by the shipping company 45 (forty five) working days. This time in relation to the amount paid in cash at the door 10 (ten) business days.

During the 15-back transactions, PTT KARGO company to use, made with other cargo shipments and pre-install communications will be delivered by us.

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