DMC Coton Perle 919 (No:5-8)

DMC Coton Perle 919 (No:5-8)

DMC Coton Perle Ball

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  • 8 Nr
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DMC is a well-known brand in the embroidery world and a favorite brand of many embroiderers. DMC is famous for its high-quality cotton pearl embroidery floss.

DMC cotton pearl embroidery floss is made from high-quality mercerized cotton. This cotton is treated with a special process to provide shine and durability. The floss comes in 6-strand threads and has a soft and smooth texture.

DMC cotton pearl embroidery floss comes in different thicknesses and colors. This provides versatility in embroidery projects and can be used to create different effects. The colors of the floss are indicated by DMC's color codes, which are important for ensuring color coordination in embroidery projects.

DMC cotton pearl embroidery floss is ideal for use in dense stitching and high-detail projects. These flosses are more durable than other embroidery threads and can last for a long time.

DMC cotton pearl embroidery floss is an important option to consider when choosing threads to use in embroidery projects. With its quality materials, rich color variety, and durability, DMC is a reliable choice for achieving excellent results in embroidery projects.

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