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Crocheted Amigurumi Toys, Crochet Work Amigurumi Toy Kit Cocola

Crochet Work Amigurumi Toy Kit Cocola The Koala

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Amigurumi Set, Sailor Koala

There are all the materials you need to knit this model in the Amigurumi set. There is no need to buy any other material when you get the set. Many people want to knit amigurumi toys, but they had difficulties in gathering materials and supplying compatible ones. With this kit, knitting can be easily started.

Amigurumi Kit - Safety and Quality

Amigurumi toys are very popular with children and children often do not leave these toys with them, so they are in too much contact, poke etc. With this in mind, the materials were carefully selected to ensure the health of children and avoid any danger. The threads were chosen 100% Cotton, the eyes used were set as safe eyes. In addition, silicone fiber was preferred instead of foamable filling material such as foam.

Amigurumi Set Content

- 100% Cotton Hello yarn - no polyester
- Crochet hook with silicone handle - compatible with rope and does not tire the hand
- Safe eyes and other accessories
- Silicone fiber - For filling
- Information booklet about making

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