Hemline Textile Glue
Hemline Textile Glue
Hemline Textile Glue
Hemline Textile Glue

Hemline Textile Glue

Textile and Hobby glue

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It is a paste in a 30g tube with 3 applicator nozzles for fine application for superior fabric and handwork general fabric, ribbon, ornaments, bridal, floral, cork, paper, applique, leather, pvc and other crafts.

   Cotton, Jute, Felt, Linen, etc. It is used for bonding all kinds of fabrics. It is also used in the application of different fabrics. Apart from that, you can stick it with wood and veneer materials. In the patching of torn fabrics, in the parts of the fabrics of the beds and auto upholstery, boxes, bags, etc. can be used in

Technicial Specifications
Quantity = 30g
Usage = Separating some slack from 2 to be pasted. Then 2-3 minutes without combining. It is shipped after this stage.
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