Bead Fiber for Amigurumi

Bead Fiber for Amigurumi


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  • 1kg
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Bead Fiber - Filling Fiber, 1st Class
1kg is enough for 50 x 70 cushion.
You can fill products such as pillows, pillows, duvets and toys. The bead is not collected in one place and does not deform due to its fiber structure.
1. Quality material, odorless and white ..
You can use it easily in filling hobby materials ..

  • 100% Polyester, silikon

  • Certified by Oeko-Teks 100,

  • No allergies,

  • Odorless,

Can be washed in an automatic washing machine at 60 ° C and dries easily.
Long life,
Easily embossed and maintains volume for a long time

1.Sınıf Silikon
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